Enable the Sharing Economy for Infrastructure Projects

Parsedata's peer-to-peer commerce platform enables asset sharing for infrastructure projects.

We help solve the chicken-and-egg problem for infrastructure projects by creating an asset monetization platform that invites financial incentives and market forces – in addition to government policy – to help drive change.



Parsedata Named Unanimous Winner of R3 Corda 5G Challenge with Innovative V2G Application

TORONTO – May 17, 2021 – Toronto-based software start up, Parsedata, today announced that it was named the winner of the R3 Corda 5G Challenge. Parsedata was unanimously recognized for its innovative use of Corda blockchain running over 5G to enable EV battery asset monetization, commonly known as V2G (vehicle-to-grid).


Solving the Issues in Electric Vehicle Charging: Announcing Parsedata as the Corda Challenge: 5G Winner

Over several months and three rounds of competition, Parsedata’s peer-to-peer commerce platform for electric vehicle charging captivated the judges from AWS, R3, Swisscom and Vodafone. Leveraging the connectivity of 5G and Corda’s blockchain technology, Parsedata’s solution demonstrated exciting potential and ultimately went on to take home the prize at the finals.

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High Level Architecturefor V2G PoC

Technical know how


Parsedata’s peer-to-peer commerce platform evolved from Parsedata founder & CTO, Jay Fallah's trailblazing work in blockchain, as a secure identity and access management system, and Digital Ledger, enabling Trustees to enforce legal contracts through smart contracts.

Framework for Establishing Digital Data-Trust

The essential components of a data-trust


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Data and the end users of data are connected through a trusteeship bridge. The stakeholders of the system are the data subjects, users and the trustee. The fiducuary responsibility of the trustee is toward the data subject and the relationship is managed through customized contracts.


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Legal and binding contracts from a trustee to specify granular access rights and roles to the data user on the behalf of the data subject. The digital system's technical implementation of the contract is a blockchain smart contract for data dissemination and use enshrining all stakeholder rights.


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Blockchain transactions are immutable and time-stamped. An authorative log of data interactions and transactions providing a historical basis for each data transaction adhering to a specific contract. A triple blind mechanism with the trustee at the heart of the legal data trusteeship in case of any conflict.


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The concept of trusteeship is well defined in every jurisdiction. Parsedata's data-trust stack facilitates implementation of a trusteeship contract for data interactions between stakeholders. Blockchain provides a solid immutable cryptographical basis that is accepted in any court of law.

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How We Got Here

Q2 2020

Parsedata established.

Company begins evolving patented digital data-trust platform, built on blockchain and distributed ledger technology, to address infrastructure projects.

Q4 2020

Parsedata enters R3 Corda 5G challenge, sponsored by Amazon Web Services, Swisscom and Vodafone.

Company adapts its Digital Data-Trust platform to showcase vehicle-to-grid (V2G) energy exchange (marketplace) enabled over 5G.

Q1 2021

Parsedata shortlisted as contender among more than 80 entries in Corda 5G challenge.

Q2 2021

Parsedata named unanimous winner of Corda 5G challenge for V2G marketplace enabled over 5G.

Company begins V2G pilot project with support from R3, Amazon Web Services, Swisscom and Vodafone.

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